General treatment

General aspects of treatment

The treatment of every skin disease requires an individual action with a therapy definded  to every single patient. An exact elevation of the prehistory is necessary first. Through this it is possible already to determine causes / triggers and to find out if there is other diagnostic action necessary.

Also the pretreatment with the your experiences are very important. This all takes time. We will take this time for you!

In general you can discriminate between acquired and genetically diseases. The Neurodermitis and the Psoriasis belong e.g. To the genetically diseases.

Triggers for both kind of disease can be e.g., infections, drugs, internal diseases etc. Therefore is one part of the therapy the avoidance or treatment of these triggers. 

To find the aetiology belongs to one of the principles of a good treatment and is important for the avoidance of new ocurrences of the disease. Beside the elimination of these triggers an adequate dermatological treatment is necessary.

Beside this "acute treatment" prophylactic measures are urgently necessary with many diseases to reach a lasting stabilisation. Unfortunately, this is forgotten very often and leads to worsening of the disease.