In my practise I offer as a member of the german society of the dermatosurgeons beside the classical surgery technologies also new methods like photo-dynamic therapy (PDT) and

Laser therapy in:

- Sharplan ®: CO2 Laser: Possibilities of treatments are treating: scars, certain birthmarks, warts, precancerous skinlesion, and "age warts" 

- Fox ®: Diode Laser 980nm: Possibilities of treatment: Vein malformation, „spider Naevi“, "little blood sponges" 

- Fox ®: Diode Laser 1064nm: Perfect and effective treatment of nail fungus without sideeffects

- Versapulse ®: In this device is a combined laser. Exsiting of a Q-switch laser for the treatment of pigmented lesions (e.g., to age spots) and tattoo´s of all colours with three wavelengths and a long-pulsed, frequency-doubled Nd-YAG laser for vein malformation